Frequently asked questions


Can I book a room without viewing?
How do I arrange a viewing?
How long does a viewing take?
Are move in and move out dates flexible?
Can I extend my stay?
Can I change my room during my stay?
How do I make a booking?

Move In

When can I move in?
What do I bring with me when moving in?
Is there somewhere to park when I arrive?
Where do I go when I arrive?


Who is responsible for cleaning the bedrooms?
Who is responsible for cleaning the common areas?


What do I do if something needs to be repaired?

Move Out

What do I need to do before moving out?
What will I do with the key card / post box & locker keys when I leave?


Do I have to be a student to live in here?
Where can I smoke?
Can I receive post?
Is a TV provided?
What kitchen equipment is supplied?
Will I have somewhere in the kitchen to store my own utensils, dishes etc?

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